Sal Island: Commander of the Police ensures that “caçu bodi” cases do not jeopardize the sense of security

Espargos, May 3 (Inforpress) – The Commander of the 2nd National Police Command (PN) of Sal said today that the so-called “caçu bodi” (assaults) cases do not jeopardize the security feeling in the tourist island, since they “sporadic”.

Gilson Tavares made these statements when he was approached by Inforpress about the criminality situation on the island, since lately there have been frequent complaints or agitations concerning, especially, the occurrence of assaults, the “caçú body”.

On the basis of the records, the commander reassures us that it is not a case of alarm since this type of delinquency has occurred “sporadically” and the PN has worked to control, reduce and attack the outbreaks that undermine the security feelings among the citizens.

“Compared with last year, statistics indicate just the opposite. What has happened are sporadic cases,” he said, adding that there was also a decrease in crimes against property (theft or robbery) by about 20 percent.



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