Sal: APP-Ambiente (Environment APP) begins collection of cooking oils in restaurants and hotels in Santa Maria

Santa Maria, Jan 22 (Inforpress) – APP-Ambiente, in Sal, today begins the collection of cooking oils in restaurants and hotel in Santa Maria, in the scope of the concession for the management of the system for collection and treatment of waste water on the tourist island.

According to a note that Inforpress had access to, Águas de Ponta Preta Ambiente (APP-Ambiente), in coordination with the City Hall of Sal, intends with this measure to recycle the used cooking oil, avoiding the leakage of this waste to the network of sewage and, consequently, together with other types of waste, clogged pipes and contamination in the waste water treatment process.

“Recycling waste oil contributes to the process of circular economy and the collection of oil is fundamental for the preservation of sanitation infrastructures, such as sewage networks and water quality assurance”, said the document.

The same source explains that used cooking oil is a waste whose treatment requires a targeted and autonomous response because of its high adverse risks to the environment and water and sanitation infrastructure.



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