Safety in Boa Vista should be attached to the environmental aspect – President of the Specialized Committee of Economy 


Praia, July 12 (Inforpress) – The president of the Specialized Committee on Economy, Environment and Land Planning in the Parliament, Luís Carlos Silva, said today that safety in Boa Vista should also be “attached” to environmental aspect.

“The reality of a tourist island under construction puts us face to face with a lot of challenges, especially when this growth happens relatively quickly,” said the MP who chair of Parliament’s Specialized Committee on Economy, Environment and Land Planning (CEEAOT), for who the problem of the sector will be in the country capacity  to “respond with competence” and “public policies” which allow to monitor and “anticipate the speed of growth.”

According to him, the Government has described as one of the objectives to reach one million tourists per year during the legislature.

“Much of this will happen on the Boa Vista Island,” said the MP elected on the lists of the Movement for Democracy (MpD-rulling party) and at the same time asks if Cabo Verde is preparing its air, port, road and sanitation infrasctruture for this challenge.

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