Ribeira Grande/Cycling: Nolito Miranda wins regional championship in North Santo Antão

Ribeira Grande, Aug 17 (Inforpress) – The cyclist Nolito Miranda won the last stage of the regional cycling championship of North Santo Antão, traveling 37.45 kilometers between Terreiro, Xôxô, Celada de Garça and Terreiro in 1:34:28.

In the competition ended this weekend participated six athletes who traveled a total of 51 kilometers divided into three stages, and Nolito Miranda  has qualified first in all stages.Rubem Lopes was in second position and Nandir Lopes in third place.

The winner of the race stressed that he was happy to win the events and considered being “fit” to represent Santo Antão on his return to Santiago next September.

“I feel prepared to return to Santiago, although I have to train a lot until then, since it is a dream to be champion of Cabo Verde,” emphasized Nolito Miranda.

In turn, the president of the Regional Cycling Association of North Santo Antão, Cleidir Monteiro, took a “very positive” assessment of the competition.



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