Ribeira Grande: Anisio Rodrigues is a candidate for the chair of the MpD’s Political Policy Committee

Ribeira Grande, April 26 (Inforpress) – Anisio Nobre Rodrigues, an activist from the Movement for Democracy (MpD) today announced that he intends to run for the leadership of the MpD’s Political Policy Committee in Ribeira Grande.
Anisio Rodrigues, a professor, said to Inforpress that the decision was taken “after some time of reflection and pondering”, and will lead a list candidate for municipal elections of MpD, scheduled for June 11, simultaneously, throughout the country.
Among the objectives of this candidacy, Anisio Rodrigues emphasizes the desire to work for the party and its militants “with a lot of dedication, maturity, competence and responsibility”, as well as “to carry out a serious, responsible and selfless political work for the Ribeira Grande “.
“To inaugurate a different way of communicating and talking with the militants, friends and sympathizers of the MpD, as well as with the entire population” and “working to make the party stronger, more cohesive and more winning in Ribeira Grande”, those are other objectives pointed out by Anisio Rodrigues.

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