Report / Porto Novo: The “North Plateau Resistant” put to the test in another drought year


Porto Novo, Nov 8 (Inforpress) – The “resistant” population in North Plateau of Porto Novo faces a “fire test” in terms of survival, with another drought year in this community, the most affected in Santo Antão.

It is the nature to put to the test, once again, the resilience of the “resistant” from the North Plateau of Porto Novo, a community that, according to the authorities, faces “the worst drought year of the last decade”, with “zero” agricultural production and the “naked” fields of pasture for the seven thousand herds of cattle.

In recent years, more than 30 families have left the area looking for opportunities to survive in other places, namely in the city of Porto Novo and the neighboring island of São Vicente. Currently, throughout this plateau 168 families are called “the North Plateau Resistant”.

Manuel Lima, municipal delegate on the North Plateau, warned that the families in this locality lost, this year, “everything they had” in the sowing that “did not result at all” for lack of rain.

He called for the opening of work fronts (public employment) to alleviate the “suffering” of people who, desperate for “total drought” in this community, are selling their animals at any price.




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