Regionalization: Cardinal Arlindo Furtado asks for some reflection to the politicians

Praia, Jan 28 (Inforpress) – Cardinal Dom Arlindo Furtado says that regionalization is a new thing that brings some “concern” and will be welcomed if it will help “better development, greater social justice and less dissimetry” between the regions of the country, but calls for “some  reflection”.

In exclusive statements to Inforpress, Archbishop Arlindo Furtado, who wishes to point out that he speaks as a citizen, says that in his “poor opinion” what should be done is “to promote the autonomy and also financial of municipalities.”

“If there are other better ways, politicians and economists will be able to give ideas more valuable than mine”, said Cardinal Arlindo Furtado, referring to the regionalization that, according to him, the country should not be accommodated in a “single formula” that contributes to the “development of the country, social balance and well-being of people”.

In his view, regionalization could be done “progressively” in certain parts of the country, see experiences that could contribute to “correct possible mistakes and gain new ideas and new perspectives”.



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