REFLOR-CV trains community associations to transform plant production into income-generating activity

Praia, Feb 16 (Inforpress) – The REFLOR-CV project carries out training in the production of forest, agroforestry and endemic plants and management of forest nurseries , until 20 February, aimed at members from four community associations in the Northern Santiago region.

The training benefits four associations, namely Figueira das Naus and Entre Picos de Reda, from Santa Catarina, and Faveta and Achada Leitão, from São Salvador do Mundo, under the agreement with the project.

The course is being taught by engineer Helena Delgado and aims to train trainees in order to make the production of plants in nurseries an activity that generates income.

 “Therefore, we will provide trainees with theoretical and practical knowledge in production techniques from seed identification, harvesting and treatment and see the most adaptable plants for each localities or each agro-ecological regions”, said the engineer, indicating that the work will be done mainly with endemic and indigenous plants from Cabo Verde.



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