Rains: Government evaluates damages in the city of Praia in approximately 258 million escudos

Praia, Sep 15 (Inforpress) – The damage caused by the weekend’s rains in the capital is estimated at approximately 258 million escudos that will be made available by the Government so that the city of Praia can return to normal, the executive announced Monday.

“The Government, taking this into account [the damage], in conjunction with the City Hall of Praia, will act immediately”, assured the minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Fernando Elísio Freire, in a press conference, to make known the decisions came out of the meeting with some mayors, whose municipalities were affected by the “intense rains” last weekend.

According to the minister, the Cabo Verdeans, from Santo Antão to Brava, “are happy” because the land was blessed by the rains, which, however, caused some damage in various parts of the country.

For Fernando Elísio Freire, due to the Rehabilitation, Requalification and Accessibility Programme (PRRA), almost all municipalities in the country, including the city of Praia, “withstood the last rains”.


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