Rain / Brava: Three families need to be rehoused and 20 walls rebuilt – mayor

Nova Sintra, Sep 15 (Inforpress) – The Mayor of Brava, Francisco Tavares, announced that at least three families need to be rehoused “immediately” and about 20 walls will be rebuilt.

Francisco Tavares spoke to the press Monday to make an evaluation on the damage caused by the rains during the weekend in almost the entire country, pointing out that even with damages, in the end the “gains are greater” than if there had been no rains.

Regarding the damage, he pointed out that when it comes to housing, they were aware of five “more worrying” situations, where at least three families have to be resettled, adding that one of them has already been done, and that at this moment the City Hall is looking for house to rent to house another one.

In the town of Campo Baixo, Francisco Tavares emphasized that, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the necessary interventions in a building that the MAA has in this area are being analyzed, in order to be able to accommodate another family which was “seriously affected”.


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