Qualification CAN 2019: The team is motivated and prepared to defeat Uganda, coach Lucio Antunes


Praia, June 9 (Inforpress) – The national coach believes that the Cabo Verdean national team is motivated and prepared to defeat Uganda on Saturday at the National Stadium in a game to qualify for the inaugural Championship African Nations Cup, CAN 2019.

Lúcio Antunes advanced this morning after the final training that the team’s preparation for the game this Saturday afternoon was a positive, despite the physical wear and tear of some players who played the championship in their teams until the last minute.

The strategy to reach the first three points, he reveals, passes through a safe team, with good circulation of ball, mainly in its defensive zone and tries to penetrate to create unbalance to the visiting team.

He said he has a strong and united group during the ninety minutes to defeat the Ugandan football team, convinced that the Creole team is more united than the previous games.



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