Public Administration employees are trained in quality management and innovation systems

Praia, Jul 10 (Inforpress) – Public Administration employees are participating in an ‘online’ training course on quality and innovation management system, as part of the implementation of the Common Evaluation Framework (CAF).

According to a press release, CAF is implemented within the scope of the “Promoting organizational improvement in economic institutions to facilitate the reform of the business environment in Cabo Verde” project, carried out by the Government, through the Ministry of Finance, with assistance of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

As part of this programme, it informed that two online training actions were planned for Public Administration employees. The first action on “Quality Management Systems” took place on the 6th and 7th, and the second one on “Innovation Management Systems” started today and runs until Friday, 10th.

Both training, according to the same document, follow the recommendations of the external opinion on the quality of the implementation of CAF in the institutions carried out in February this year.



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