Psychologist warns of the negative impacts of misuse of Social Media

Praia, Jun 30 (Inforpress) – Psychologist Nilson Gonçalves highlighted the advantages the Social Media provide to its users, but warned that its misuse has negative impacts on their lives.

Nilson Gonçalves made these statements to Inforpress on the World Social Media on 30 June, stressing that the event serves as a reflection and for raising awareness on the correct and balanced use of digital platforms.

“This date serves to raise awareness among people about the importance of digital platforms and on the other hand also about misuse and its consequences, especially in the child, adolescent and youth classes that is one of the target audiences who can be greatly affected by the misuse of social media,” he said.

For the psychologist, it is necessary that people be attentive to the content they have consumed and shared, pointing out that in Cabo Verde social media had, on the one hand, a positive effect, but there are vulnerabilities.

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