Pro-Praia President defends legalization of production and conditional sale of cannabis and foreign currency purchase/sale transactions

Praia, Dec 19 (Inforpress) – The president of Pró-Praia, José Jorge de Pina, proposes the national authorities put an “urgency” agenda into a study aimed at legalizing the production and conditioned consumption of cannabis and foreign currency purchase/sale transactions.

This position was taken in a letter sent to Inforpress, where José Jorge Pina suggests, however, the formalization of individuals with legal and financial conditions for this purpose.

In the same letter, the signatory states that there has been, in recent days, “more consistent activation” of campaigns and measures prohibiting foreign currency purchase/sale transactions by individuals not legally authorized by the competent authorities.

With equal accuracy, he said, there has been discussion of legalizing conditioned cannabis production and consumption. Legalization will, according to José Pina, lead to “huge gains” in terms of employment, the production of raw materials for the medical industry and the income of large families in urban and rural spaces, “difficult to be overcomed by alternative economic programs made by the Government or City Halls.



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