Private participation in the development process will allow the Government to have resources for sectors of sovereignty – MpD

Praia, Jun 9 (Inforpress) – The MP Luís Carlos Silva said today that the country’s development process will only be possible through a fruitful public-private partnership and the participation of the private sector will allow the Government to have the resources to invest in sovereign sectors.

Luís Carlos Silva, MP of the Movement for Democracy (MpD-ruling party), spoke during the debate opening of the first session of this month, which, among other points, addresses the Agenda of Privatizations of Economic Infrastructure of the Country proposed by PAICV.

He began his speech by stressing that the COVID-19 pandemic was “a huge tragedy”, as this imposed on leaders a framework of uncertainty and the need to adapt to a sequence of unthinkable and unique events that put liberal democracies under stress.

“This is the national debate on an international issue that is making a lot of ink flow around the world, where we try, in any case, to open the debate on the pillars of liberal democracy, in this particular case, on the private-based economy. Of course, there’s no need to bring to this debate the archipelagic and insular character of Cabo Verde as an argument to enable the narrative against the participation of private individuals in the development process of Cabo Verde”, he stated.

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