Prime Minister states it is “undeniable truth” that Cabo Verde’s justice system “is legitimate, credible and prestigious”

Praia, Nov 30 (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, reacted, on Sunday, to the pronouncements have been made public about the courts and the justice system in Cabo Verde, claiming to be “an undeniable truth” that it “is legitimate, credible and prestigious”.

In an post made on his official page on the social network Facebook, the Prime Minister began by saying that the government he leads in this 2016/2021 legislature, as well as all previous ones supported by the Movement for Democracy (MpD), has as its “most striking identity element the uncompromising defense of a strong, independent judicial system, of judges with a career, in a model of self-government, from recruitment to retirement, without any interference from other powers ”.

“Only in this way the courts can be considered as sovereign bodies, with all the consequences. This is not a mere proclamation of principles.
It is conviction! established belief by a consistent historical path that resists any examination, however critical it may be, since the creation of true judicial power with the 1992 Constitution (and the resulting ordinary legislative package), as well as in the commitment and protagonism of the Parliamentary Group of the MpD in the bold constitutional reform of 2010”, he stated.

Such a reform, he added, elevated the independence of judges and courts, as well as the autonomy of the public prosecutors, to an “unprecedented level”, even if older democratic regimes and much more experienced judicial systems are taken into account.




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