Prime Minister highlights partnership with City Hall of Praia in works with impact on people’s living conditions

Praia, Feb 10 (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, stressed the importance of partnership with the City Hall of Praia, which, according to him, is translating into work with direct impacts on improving the conditions populations.

The ruler was speaking to journalists in the city of Praia, on the sidelines of the inauguration of eight kilometers of paving roads in the neighborhood of Achada São Filipe, this Saturday, an investment estimated at around 60 million escudos.

For the head of the Government, these investments mean more for the communities, valuing not only the location, but also their heritage and the houses in the surroundings. Hence the partnership with the local authority in favor of investments with “significant results” in the neighborhoods.

Regarding the special status of the city of Praia, the ruler assured that it’s in the National Assembly and hopes it can be approved soon, taking into account that the capital has been waiting since 1999 for its special status. On the other hand, the mayor of Praia, Óscar Santos, said that he expects all parties to vote for the Special Statute of Praia because, in his opinion, it will not be important only for Praia, but for the whole country since it is the capital city.



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