Prices of imported products decreased by 0.5% in July this year- INE


Praia, Aug 21 (Inforpress) – Prices of imported products in July dropped 0.5 percent (%), down 1.9 percentage points (pp) compared to June this year, according to trade data revealed by INE.

According to data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), in the same month, the monthly rate of change in prices of exported products stood at 1.5%, an increase of 0.2 pp compared to the value registered in the previous month, while the monthly rate of change registered by the Exchange Rate Index (ITT) was 2.1%, 1.8 pp lower than in the previous month.

The Monthly Variation of the Import Price Index was of -0.5 percent (%) in July 2017, standing at 82.3 percent (%), a decrease of 0.5% over the previous month . On the other hand, the underlying index of imports registered a decrease of 6.4 percent (%) compared to the previous month. The volatile import index increased 14.6 percent (%) in relation to June 2017.

By economic destination of the goods, INE reveals that the categories contributed to the dropped in import prices were “Capital Goods”, with -7.1 percent (%), “Cars for private use” with -13, 9 percent (%) and “Fuels” with -11.6 percent (%).



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