Presidential: José Rui Além will run for president of the Republic – leader of the PSD

Praia, Jun 30 (Inforpress) – The vice president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), José Rui Além, will run for the next presidential elections in Cabo Verde scheduled for October 17, the party’s president, João Além, told Inforpress today.

According to the founder of the PSD in 1992, José Rui Além has a “special agenda” and will run for President of the Republic, through the “Cabo Verdeans support, residents and the diaspora, and, of course, with the necessary PSD coverage”.

The candidacy of José Rui Além, according to the PSD’s leader, is being aligned, so this new candidate to the Plateau Palace “is already on the ground to deal with the documents to deliver in the proper place (Constitutional Court) and in due course, because it will even run for the President of the Republic in the presidential elections of October 17 next”.

For João Além, this candidacy of José Rui Além “comes at an opportune moment to put an end to Cabralismo”, specifying that “Cabral always did good work, but those who succeeded him did a bad job because they did not agree with what Cabral proposed and misappropriate the concept of Amílcar Cabral”.


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