Presidential: Fernando Rocha Delgado announces candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic

Ribeira Grande, Jun 8  (Inforpress) – The naval engineer and master in maritime law and international trade, Fernando Rocha Delgado presented today, in Figueiral da Ribeira Grande, his candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic promising, if elected, to serve country and ensure national stability.

Fighting for  national balance in all social classes and in all activities practiced in the country, as well as ensuring the women and children rights will be preserved, are some of the reasons that motivated his candidacy, according to Fernando Delgado.

As the youngest candidate, Fernando Rocha Delgado said he knows the weight of this “responsibility” and is “aware” of what he wants, which is the “good” he intends to do to the country.  “People can believe I’m capable,” Fernando Rocha Delgado said.

The candidate will face two former prime ministers, Carlos Veiga and José Maria Neves, and eventually Hélio Sanches, Daniel Medina, Péricles Tavares and Joaquim Monteiro who expressed their intention to run for president of the Republic.



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