President of the Republic goes to the United Nations to talk about a transnational Cabo Verde

Praia, Sep13 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, said monday in Praia that he will go to the 77th United Nations General Assembly, for the first time as Head of State, to speak about a transnational Cabo Verde in all areas.

José Maria Neves spoke to journalists as part of his participation in the annual United Nations Assembly, which takes place from Setember 13 to 26. “I will speak at the United Nations about a transnational Cabo Verde, a Cabo Verde which has capabilities and competences on these islands and in the Diaspora, in all areas, in education, health,  in the digital transition, in the energy transition, in the development of higher education and science,” he said.

It is that, in his view, we can mobilize all these capacities and competences, the Diaspora and the islands, integrate them and do everything to accelerate the step in the development process and transformation of Cabo Verde.

“Basically that’s it, we need to accelerate the step, further sophisticated the decision-making process, he pointed out, further reinforcing that it is necessary to mobilize all skills and capabilities, naturalize antagonism, but make debates much better built”, he explained.



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