President of the Republic believes there is a possibility of deepening relations between Cabo Verde and Luxembourg in new areas

Luxembourg, 23 May (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, today noted the “excellent relations” between Cabo Verde and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but believes there is still room to deepen the connection in new sectors.

The head of state made this statement to the Cape Verdean press, at the end of the first point of his three-day visit to Luxembourg, which began today with an official welcoming ceremony in front of the Grand Ducal Palace and a tête-à-tête (face-to-face) with Grand Duke Henri, in the presence of the first lady, Débora Carvalho.

José Maria Neves said that the 10-minute meeting he had with the Grand Duke served to talk about the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, noting that there is “enormous sympathy and great respect” for Cabo Verde and for everything that the archipelago has done and achieved in recent years, namely a functioning democracy, respect for international and human rights, good governance and the search for solutions to improve the living conditions of Cape Verdeans.

“This earns great respect and it is because of this that our relations are excellent and there is an enormous desire of His Highness the Grand Duke to strengthen these relations of friendship and cooperation, namely to deepen the areas that Luxembourg has supported until now. , but also the new areas”, he stressed.



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