President issued a Decree-Law to assign concession of public airport service to the VINCI Airports SAS company with the exception

Praia, May 6 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic on Monday has issued a Decree-Law to assign the public airport service to support civil aviation to VINCI airports SAS society and regulates the terms of the ASA assets transmission.

However, as read in a presidency note, the Head of State made an exception on negotiated contracts , taking into account the extent and importance of this concession contract.

The same source also said that the President of the Republic found “the analysis that was possible to make to the collection of the requested documents”, from the formal and legal point of view “there is nothing that hinders to sign into Decree-Law”.

He also acknowledged that the concession, under the terms agreed between the parties, “will strengthen the competitive position of national airports for the benefit of the national economy.”


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