Presidencies: Minister of Justice finds out about the electoral process and guarantees work to ensure transparency

Praia, Aug 31(Inforpress) – The Minister of Justice said Monday, after visiting the Directorate General for Support the Electoral Process (DGAPE), everything has been done and will continue to do to ensure transparency in the presidential elections of October 17.

According to the minister, “there is a lot of work” that is being done, already in the preparation of the electoral event, in order to ensure the elections remain always fair, free and transparent.

“On the part of DGAPE everything has been done and we will do everything to ensure transparency, so that all polling stations can come into operation with all the equipment, so that there are also resources and so that we can continue to show what is the gain of the Cabo Verdean democracy, which is the issue of transparency in the electoral process,” she said. Joana Rosa also said that we will also work on what is the process of making the forms, under the supervision of the National Election Commission.

All this is to ensure that Cabo Verdeans have an electoral process “in all possible transparency” and all voters can go to the polls on 17 October and express themselves through their vote.



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