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Praia: Pharmacies record increased sales of medicines to treat the outbreak of conjunctivitis

Praia, Sep 27 (Inforpress) – Pharmacies in the nation’s capital  recorded an “exponential increase” in the sale of medicines to treat the outbreak of conjunctivitis in recent days, pointing to some fear about their rupture due to increased demand.

According to information gathered from some pharmacies in the City of Praia, with the announcement of the outbreak of conjunctivitis the drugs for its treatment have been highly sought after, reducing the stock.

However, there is still no sign of rupture, but it is necessary to be alert due to the amount of people who daily look for these products.

“Initially there was a lack of eye drops, but soon we were replenished, and in addition we used other medicines to replace those that are no longer available,” said Silviane Barros, technical director of Avenida Pharmacy.



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