Praia: PAICV denounces “non-compliance” by the Government towards merchants in Sucupira market affected by the 2020 floods

Praia, April 18 (Inforpress) – Merchants in the Sucupira market, who were affected by the 2020 floods, have not yet received the promised support from the Government, denounced the leader of the municipal parliamentary group of PAICV, Aquiles Barbosa, to Inforpress.

The leader of the municipal parliamentary group of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV-opposition) spoke during a visit that the group made to the Sucupira market to observe firsthand the pulse of this commercial zone in the city of Praia.

“At the Sucupira market, the main concern has to do with the security of the place, as there are people, including those with mental health problems and some involved in crime, wandering around and robbing people inside Sucupira,” he began.

Another demand, he said, relates to the financial power of the merchants to improve their businesses because, he said, since the 2020 floods, when they entered Sucupira, “there was a promise from the Government” to help the merchants recover their losses, but “until today they have not benefited from anything.”



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