Praia: NOSI represents Cabo Verde at 14th Internet Governance Forum

Praia, Nov 27 (Inforpress) – The Operational Nucleus of the Information Society (NOSI) represents Cabo Verde at the 14th annual Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, German, from  25th to 29th this month.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF), whose theme this year is “One World. One Net. One Vision”, brings together for five days all stakeholders in discussions on Internet related issues, as well as for exchanging information and sharing best practices among participants.

IGF, according to a NOSI press release, helps to facilitate a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities, address the different types of challenges that arise from the bottom up with various stakeholders openly, transparently and inclusive.

The 14th forum is expected to bring together over 2.000 participants from different groups and stakeholders and some of the most relevant figures in the global Internet governance debate, with aspects such as “data governance”, “digital inclusion”, “security, protection, stability and resilience” are central themes that will define the thematic direction for IGF activities in 2019.



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