Praia: Lifeguards demand for more means of work, human resources and investment in maritime safety (c / video)

Praia, Jun 8 (Inforpress) – Praia lifeguards say they are experiencing several difficulties in carrying out their work and ask for more means, human resources and greater commitment on maritime safety.

On a walk along to Quebra Canela beach, Inforpress spoke to two of these professionals who were on duty and pointed out, among the various difficulties, the lack of materials, staff and respect for the class.

For Nik Correia, who has been in this position for three years, the main challenge has to do with investment by institutions linked to the sea, namely the Maritime and Port Institute (IMP), having stated that the Government has its back turned to the sea.

“We need modern working materials, human resources and a lot of exchange with other institutions out there, because we need innovation and to have other types of specialties and human resources to give better results,” he said.



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