Praia hosts second edition of the International Seminar on Weaving Anti-Racist Networks – Africas, Brasis and Portugal

Praia, Jun 20 (Inforpress) – “Koletivu Nhanha Bongolon” organizes the second edition of the International Seminar “Weaving Anti-Racist Networks – Africas, Brasis and Portugal”,  June 26-29, an event that aims to discuss the racial issues that surround the countries of Portuguese colonization.

Speaking to Inforpress, Red Lima, a member from the network, explained that the initiative to launch the seminar came in 2017 when a group of social activists and researchers decided to create an international network for the promotion of debates and a reflection on the themes related to racism and colonialism.

“The first edition took place in Brazil and was attended by Brazil, Portugal, Cabo Verde and Guinea-Bissau. This year we are promoting the second edition in Cabo Verde, whose first day will be marked by the launch of the book and on the second and third days we will have five panels and two conferences at the University of Cabo Verde”, he said.

As he explained, Africa and Brazil are in the plural because they understand that “there is not a single Africa”, but a continent of many diversity and the Brazil that in its essence is a country with many diversities, noting that Portugal for its “unit” was given the denomination in the singular.



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