Praia hosts 1st edition of Meet Fashion ART

Praia, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – A group of three young artists in Praia promoted this Saturday 1st edition of Meet Fashion ART, an event that aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between artists.

Speaking to Inforpress, one of the leaders of the event, Mizé Varela, explained that this initiative has as its main purpose to bring together art, fashion and music on one stage.

“We wanted with this initiative to encompass art, fashion and music, that is, to make a combination of what has not yet been done in Cabo Verde, because we found that fashion still in Cabo Verde is a little scattered,” he said.

The three young women, an artisan, another fashion designer, the third artist, intended in this 1st edition to provide the guests with a different moment with an open conversation, fashion show and performance by rapper Edyong Lennon. For this person, Cabo Verde is a rich country with a lot of potential, stressing, however, the need for artists to assume as creative artists who create their own pieces and avoid imitating others.



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