PR highlights at the UN “consistent” and “important” gains achieved by Cabo Verde in the fight against COVID-19

Praia, Sep 23 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, highlighted at the UN General Assembly the “consistent” and “important” gains achieved by Cabo Verde in reducing the transmission and vaccination rates against COVID-19.

He highlighted the progress the archipelago has made from the period of colonization to the present day, stressing that what has helped Cabo Verde in its trajectory was the choice of the ways of multilateralism, international cooperation and strategic partnerships, good governance founded on the rule of law, peace, security, promotion and protection of human rights,  gender parity and inclusion and the fight against poverty and inequality.

“The emergence of COVID-19, especially its health, economic and social impact, has brutally deconstructed the economy had been growing by about 6%, attacking the main bases of support, such as the tourism, transport and domestic demand sectors, causing social unprotection, unemployment and increased poverty,” he said.

However Cabo Verde did not “react with resignation”, but with “determination”, immediately taking, and in the short term, all the internationally recommended anti-crisis measures, thus reducing the rates of transmission and vaccination against COVID-19, he stressed.



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