Portugal: Project to create the Balcão Migrante da Lusofonia presented Friday in the Algarve

Lisbon, December 8, 2022 (Inforpress) – The project to create the Balcão Migrante da Lusofonia, an initiative by Cape Verdean entrepreneurs and activists residing in Portugal, will be presented this Friday, in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António Region, in the Algarve.

According to information provided by the project promoters, activist and legal consultant Dirce Évora Great Hall, at a press conference to take place in the City Hall of the Vila Real de Santo António City Council, will make the announcement of the creation of the Balcão Migrante da Lusofonia.

The presentation will be made with the participation of the mayor of Vila Real de Santo António, Álvaro Amaro, mayors of the Algarve region and local institutions that work with the issue of migration.

According to the same source, Dirce Évora will present the main segments of the project, focusing on people, institutions and the business world.


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