Portugal: President of the Republic points to diaspora as major collaborator in the construction of the Cape Verdean nation

Lisbon, 22 Sep (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, assured today that the diaspora has always made a “great” contribution to the construction of the Cape Verdean nation and that associations have played an important role in this contribution.

The Head of State made this statement when speaking, via videoconference, from Cape Verde, at the opening of the 1st Meeting of the Cabo Verde Diaspora Association Platform (PLTCVD), which takes place for three days, in Lisbon, at the same time as its first General Assembly.

“The children of the diaspora have always made a huge contribution to building this nation, even before independence, Cape Verdeans emigrated and through remittances, they helped their families in difficult times and also invested in Cabo Verde,” he said.

According to José Maria Neves, it wasn’t just financial remittances, but also “spiritual remittances”, because much of what Cape Verde is today owes to the “strong contribution” of this diaspora, being present in more “dynamic and more evolved” socio-cultural, political and economic spaces.



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