Portugal: National Day of Culture and Communities with a central event in Lisbon with the slogan “We are culture”

Lisbon, Oct 3 (Inforpress) – The National Day of Culture and Communities, celebrated on 18 October, this year with the central act of the celebrations in Lisbon (Portugal), with the participation of Minister Abraão Vicente, will have as its slogan “We are culture”.

The Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries explained the choice of this year’s motto as being “to exalt Cape Verdean culture in the country and in the diaspora”, recognising the importance of the community, “paying homage to those who, even if they leave for other destinations, always have their home in the ‘land of Cabo Verde’, making the maximum contribution and continuing to express their culture abroad, reinforcing the fact that future generations are Cape Verdean”.

For this reason, according to the same source, the highlight of the celebrations on 18 October will be a cultural event in Lisbon, with music, an exhibition and the awarding of medals of merit to figures and associations that have been helping to ensure that our culture is always present where it is.

“For the first time, since we took over the Government, we thought it was time for the central act, because we will have a national program, to be at the Cabo Verde Cultural Center, with my presence”, he said in August, speaking to Inforpress, in Lisbon, Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraão Vicente.



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