Portugal: More than two-thirds of Cabo Verdean associations supports the immigrants integration – Study

Lisbon, Jul 19 (Inforpress) – The Study on “Cabo Verdean associativism in Portugal: dynamics of the present and prespective for the future” reveals that of the Cabo Verdean associations identified in the study more than two thirds are “associations to support the immigrants integration”.

According to the Study, which had the coordination of Jorge Malheiros and Ana Paula Horta, and monitoring of the Cabo Verdean Organizations Federation (FOCV) in Portugal, the Cabo Verdean immigrant association in Portugal has a historical journey dating back to the 60s of the last century and remains active to the present.

The same source indicates that in this “trace of evolution” and the intervention’s areas of the Cabo Verdean immigrant associative movement, several phases were identified, marked by “endogenous and exogenous factors”, which are the basis of changes in organizational strategies have occurred over time.

“The expansion of the associative structure in the period 1991-2011, is in line with the phase in which there was a significant increase in immigration in Portugal, since 1986, with the entry of this country into the European Economic Community (EEC),” he said. Consequently, with a “greater investment” in public works and civil construction, Portugal began to “attract” more labour from Portuguese-speaking Countries (PALOP), and particularly Cabo Verde.


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