Portugal: International exhibition of contemporary art in Lisbon with participation of Cabo Verde

Lisbon, 22 May (Inforpress) – International contemporary art exhibition “Paragoned: What’s with mediums Today?” will be in Lisbon from 26 May, with the participation of 11 countries, including six Portuguese-speaking countries, including Cabo Verde.

Bento Oliveira, Oleandro Pires Garcia, Yuran Henrique and Jacira & Pedro da Conceição are the artists from Cabo Verde presenting their work at the event.

The exhibition takes place during the art week in Lisbon and will be open until August 20, in three exhibition centres: Centro Cultural Cabo Verde (CCCV), Water Museum – Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station and the Patriarchal Reservoir.

According to the organization, the exhibition, which has the artistic direction and production of the art gallery “This Is Not a White Cube” will feature a program of guided tours that will promote the “re-discovery, in three stops, of a historical heritage unknown by many (including an underground route), connected to the water supply of the city of Lisbon”.



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