Portugal: Fado and Morna celebrated once again at Jardim da Amália in Lisbon on September 18

Lisbon, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – Morna, by Cabo Verdean Cremilda Medina, and Fado, by the Portuguese Celia Leiria, will be celebrated once again with the show “Divas – Fado & Morna”, on September 18, at Jardim da Amália in Lisbon.

The September show was scheduled after this Sunday, the 7th, with another presentation completely exhausted, as has been happening in all five sessions have been happening since last year, in the Amália’s house garden – Amália Rodrigues Museum, three in 2021, and another one on July 10.

The information was provided today to Inforpress by Miguel Silva, head of the agency representing the Cabo Verdean, who said that “the show Divas – Fado & Morna with Celia Leiria and Cremilda Medina continues to enchant Lisbon” and “due to high demand is already scheduled for another session for the next September 18”.

“Undoubtedly, they have been remarkable afternoons, with great complicity and union between Fado and Morna where Cremilda Medina, Celia Leiria and the musicians who accompany them present a totally acoustic and at the same time intimate show, which takes these two musical styles to another level,” said the same source.



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