Portugal: Dino D’Santiago in the 25th of April show in Seixal with various guests

Lisbon, April 24 (Inforpress) – Portuguese-Cape Verdean artist Dino D’Santiago is featured today in the 49th anniversary show of the 25th of April in the municipality of Seixal, Portugal, and will be accompanied by several guests and musicians with whom he has worked and collaborated.

According to the Municipality of Seixal, the show, which takes place at Parque da Quinta dos Franceses and has free entry, is part of a program of events throughout the month of April to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the 25th of April, under the theme “Freedom, our greatest strength.”

According to the organization, the concert at Parque da Quinta dos Franceses will begin with performances by artists Kady, Soluna, Éllàh, Yeni, and Yeri, five African women who have crossed paths with Dino D’Santiago in his life, and whom the musician will bring to his show because he believes in their talent.

Following that, Dino D’Santiago will take the stage with the Gospel Collective and finalists from “The Voice,” and at midnight, there will be a fireworks display.



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