Portugal: CPLP Executive Secretary considers crucial the role of women in the success of the organization

Lisbon, May 10 (Inforpress) – The Executive Secretary of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) said on Monday that women play an important role in the success of the institution and calls for strengthening partnerships so that they can use their potential.

Zacarias da Costa defended this idea by presiding over the opening of the round table on “Promoting gender equality for sustainable development – challenges and opportunities in Portuguese”, which took place in Lisbon, organized in the context of the celebrations of the CPLP’s Portuguese Language and Culture Day, which was marked on May 5th”.

“The involvement of women in the CPLP’s sustainable development process is truly crucial to the success of our community (…). In order to do so, the CPLP must focus on strengthening synergies and networking, in the context of gender equality and equity, to train, qualify and empower women, to strengthen awareness-raising and advocacy work on the basis of a gender-sensitive approach and thus contribute to addressing the deep inequalities still exist”,  he told.

In order to achieve this involvement and empower women, Zacarias da Costa argues that the CPLP must develop work that can ensure the “protection and effectiveness” of their rights within the Member States, such as “free and quality universal education” and “decent work”.



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