Portugal: Cape Verdeans lead sociolinguistic-ethnographic project for Lusophone (Portuguese-peakers) in Luxembourg

Lisbon, May 31 (Inforpress) – Cape Verdean researchers Bernardino Tavares and Aleida Vieira are leading a sociolinguistic-ethnographic project that investigates social, linguistic and labor interactions, as well as the encounters of Portuguese-speaking migrants in Luxembourg, as a multilingual country.

The DisPOSEG project (Investigates social, linguistic and labor interactions of Lusophone migrants in Luxembourg, in English) covers different groups of individuals who share the Portuguese language, but not the same historical positions.

Bernardino Tavares, born in Tarrafal, PHD in Sociolinguistics, is head researcher of the project, explained that there are many Lusophones who arrive in Luxembourg, who even with a “high” academic training, but because of the language, end up focusing on types of work that “are not commensurate” with their training, bringing a certain social stratification.

“It’s a project about Lusophone migration in Luxembourg, where we try to understand the interactions of all Lusophones and Portuguese-speaking countries in the context of work here in Luxembourg. Our objective is to try to understand how their common history can affect in a positive or less positive way in their work interaction”, explained the principal investigator of DisPOSEG.



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