Portugal: Cabo Verdean researcher pleased with the dynamics and struggle to rebuild the cimboa

Lisbon, Sept 5 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean culture researcher Gil Moreira expressed satisfaction in Lisbon with the dynamics created and the struggle to rebuild the cimboa and make it a sustainable heritage of Cabo Verde.

Speaking to Inforpress, on the workshop sidelines on “Cimboa and harmonica: its importance in funaná, finason and batuku and the African and European contribution in the development of Cabo Verdean culture”, at the Cultural Center of Cabo Verde (CCCV), the researcher, actor, director and storyteller considered it necessary to pay attention to the traditional musical lyric that is disappearing.

“It is a struggle and a dynamic that we are already gaining, both in the field of research with me, individuals, as confectioners, Pascoal de São Domingos and the IPC itself [Cultural Heritage Institute], we are already gaining ground and dynamics gradually,” said Gil Moreira, who came from Cabo Verde for the workshop.

According to the promoter of Cabo Verdean culture, with this cimboa project many actors are being “agreed”, such as nationalists, researchers, users of Cabo Verdean musical instruments, musicians and also artisans, because that “is an instrument that has the same identity as Cabo Verdean culture and is still asleep”.



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