Porto Novo will receive investment in sanitation area in 2018 around 750 million escudos – Mayor


Porto Novo, Aug 23 (Inforpress) – Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, will receive from January 2018 investments for the sanitation around 750 million escudos aiming to solve the “serious problems” that this municipality facing in this field.

The mayor of Porto Novo, Anibal Fonseca, said he had “guarantees” from the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde and Minister of Finance “there is already a green light” for funding from the African Development Bank (BAD) of an investment package in the order of 750 million escudos for this county, in the sanitation field.

This financing, which aims to solve the problem of sewage and wastewater treatment in Porto Novo, is part of a wider package for Santo Antão estimated at 1.2 billion escudos for projects related to sanitation and water.

“This is the greatest achievement of the municipality of Porto Novo in recent times,” rejoiced the mayor of Porto Novo, for whom the installation of a new sewers network,  covering the entire population, and the installation of a wastewater station ( WWTP) are “the greatest challenges” at this time to this municipality of Santo Antão.






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