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Porto Novo: Water mobilization and recovery of hydraulic infrastructure are farmers’ wishes for 2022

Porto Novo, Jan 3 (Inforpress) – The mobilization of water and recovery of hydraulic infrastructure, as well as the fight against pests are some of the wishes for 2022 by farmers in the municipality of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, to be evaluated by the statement of the class.

In Ribeira das Patas, farmers insist on the reordering of this watershed, whose studies, completed a few years ago, define as “one of the priorities” the mobilization of groundwater for agriculture.

For the representative of the Association for the Integrated Development of Ribeira das Patas, Arlindo Delgado, this hydrographic basin has “great potential” in water resources which, once explored, would help to “halt the decline” of local agricultural activity.

In Alto Mira, the president of the farmers’ association, Aderlino Fortes, also highlights the mobilization of water as the “main bet”, at a time when the springs begin to decrease the flow because of drought.



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