Porto Novo: Water for irrigation increases in Chã de Branquinho with recovery of underground dam


Porto Novo, June 13 (Inforpress) – The availability of water for irrigation in Chã de Branquinho, in the countryside of the municipality of Porto Novo, will increase “within a short time” with the completion of the work to recover the underground dam in that locality.

The Chã de Branquinho dam, capable of mobilizing 350,000 cubic meters of water per year, was damaged during the floods of September 2016, and is now being recovered as part of the emergency program for Santo Antão, in six months.

According to Inforpress findings at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment (MAA) in Porto Novo, the recovery works of this dam are ongoing “within normality”, reason why it is expected “soon” the reinforcement of the water supply for irrigation in Chã de Branquinho.

In recent months, to ensure agricultural activity in this valley, farmers in Chã de Branquinho, one of the main agricultural valleys in Porto Novo, have used the spring water, whose flow has been decreasing.



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