Porto Novo: Underground dam in Chã de Branquinho is very “much needed” by the farmers, according to the association

Porto Novo, Jun 5 (Inforpress) – The underground dam in Chã de Branquinho, in the countryside of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, is very “much needed” by the 50 local farmers, at a time when irrigation water is decreasing in that location.

The alert is from the farmers association in Chã de Branquinho, one of the main agricultural valleys in Porto Novo, which recalled that, since 2016, when the floods hit the island of Santo Antão, the dam remains damaged.

The association’s president, Sandro Sousa, told Inforpress that the underground dam situation, equipped with solar panels, with the capacity to mobilize 350 thousand cubic meters / year, is worrying farmers, who have been asking for its recovery.

Sandro Sousa confirmed the local farmers’ concern about how the agricultural sector in Chã de Branquinho has been experiencing some problems lately, due to problems in water catchment for irrigation.

The dam, built in 2012 as part of the Alto Mira River Basin reorganization project, was damaged by the floods in 2016 and is still inoperative, since it has been impossible, due to lack of access, to transport equipment to be used in the recovery of this hydraulic infrastructure.



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