Porto Novo: Ulisses Correia e Silva promises “a strong MpD” capable of accelerating the economic dynamics of Santo Antão until 2026

Porto Novo, Apr 2 (Inforpress) – The president of the MpD (In power) and candidate for his own succession promised this Sunday, in Porto Novo, “a strong party” that guarantees “good support” to the City Halls and capable of accelerating the economic dynamics in Santo Antão.

Ulisses Correia e Silva, who was speaking at the meeting with MpD militants as part of the presentation of his re-candidacy for leadership of the political party in the April 16 elections, said that, by 2026, the purpose should be “to guarantee the stability of governance” of the Country for the execution of the Government program, which has “very strong commitments” with Santo Antão.

The President of the MpD and Prime Minister promised to “accelerate the economic dynamics” on the island of Santo Antão with a view to combating extreme poverty and creating job opportunities for young people from Santo Antão.

“We promise a strong MpD, engaged and committed to the party’s objectives. In the first place, to guarantee the stability of the country’s governance, good support to the City Halls and to execute the Government’s program that has very strong commitments with Santo Antão”, said the leader of the ruling party.



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