Porto Novo: Ten millions de escudos for the recovery of agricultural parcels damaged in 2016


Porto Novo, Oct 16 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Porto Novo was awarded ten million escudos or the recovery of agricultural plots in this municipality, under a program contract signed with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA).

These are agricultural plots that suffered major damages during the floods that struck Santo Antão in 2016, which will be under the responsibility of the City Hall within the framework of this program contract, already signed with the MAA.

As a result, the interventions promised to farmers, especially in Alto Mira and Ribeira das Patas, are being implemented in terms of the recovery of their agricultural properties, which have been damaged for more than a year.

The other municipalities of Santo Antão were also included in program contracts under which local authorities will intervene in the lands damaged during the storm last year.




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