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Porto Novo/Ribeira das Patas: Farmers with guarantees that watershed planning begins by 2023

Porto Novo, Sep  14 (Inforpress) – Farmers in Ribeira das Patas, in the municipality of Porto Novo, have guarantees from partners that the project financing for the watershed planning  will be “ended” by 2022 and the first works begin in 2023.

The information was forwarded to Inforpress by the president of the Association for the Integrated Development of Ribeira das Patas (ADIRP), Arlindo Delgado, after having participated, Monday, in a meeting with technicians from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a partner of the project. 

At the meeting, held via zoom, the President of ADIRP listed what farmers consider “priorities” in the framework of the project for the watershed of Ribeira das Patas, such as the recovery of agricultural land, the improvement of species, water mobilization and torrential correction. 

The same source said he had received guarantees the funding will be mobilized by next year and the first interventions will begin in 2023, which reassures farmers, who have been insisting on the investments identified by the studies.     



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