Porto Novo: Poor feed quality conditions cheese production, livestock farmers warns

Porto Novo, Jul 18 (Inforpress) – The poor feed quality, which is being marketed under the cattle rescue program, is conditioning the production of cheese in the municipality of Porto Novo, the cattle farmers warned this Sunday.

The class reported that the feed is being subsidized by the Government, under the program to mitigate the effects of drought, has contributed to dry dairy goats, a concern shared by the Livestock Farmers Association of Porto Novo.

This association has warned of the “poor animal feed quality” being acquired, believing that this has contributed to the reduction of cheese production in this county, an activity that represents the source of income for “hundreds of families”.

The representative of this association, Romeu Rodrigues, told Inforpress that the feed is being subsidized by 30 percent (%), “has no quality”, a fact that worries the producers of cheese.
“The main concern has to do with goat cattle, namely dairy goats, which, when consuming the feed, stop producing milk, which is the source of income for families,” he said.

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