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Porto Novo: Planalto Norte will have trash for relief of tour operators

Porto Novo, 11 Mar (Inforpress) – The Northern Plateau of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, will be endowed with a dumping ground in response to a concern of local tour operators, who have been complaining about the current state of sanitation in this tourist area.

Local tour operators have called for the City Hall of Porto Novo intervention in improving sanitation in the Planalto Norte, namely in the collection and storage of garbage and also in the construction of bathrooms.

“The main problems have to do with collecting garbage and creating a space to place that garbage. There is also a need to support people in the construction of bathrooms”, explains tour operator Fidel Neves.

In response, the City Hall of Porto Novo said it will start the preparation of studies for location and construction of a dump in the Planalto Norte “so that all waste is deposited in one place with all due care”.

It should be noted that 200 families in the countryside of the municipality of Porto Novo, registered in the Single Social Register (CSU), will be benefited during this year with bathrooms and individual septic tank, in the framework of the water and sanitation project for Santo Antão.

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